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Top 10 - 2008

Number 9 – Life Imitates Art: “Dim” Rhinoceros beetle

Name: Megaceras briansaltini

How it made the Top 10: Rhinoceros beetles are named for the horn-like structures on their heads. According to the author, this charismatic new species has a unique form of horn that is otherwise similar only to the one on Dim, the blue rhinoceros beetle in the Disney/Pixar animated film A Bug's Life. This makes for a rare instance of Nature imitating art.

Reference: Ratcliffe, B.C. 2007. A remarkable new species of Megaceras from Peru (Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae: Oryctini). The “Dim Effect”: Nature mimicking art. The Coleopterists Bulletin 61(3): 463-467.

Type material: Holotype, University of Nebraska State Museum, Lincoln.

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